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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Hotel a tema nostalgico a piedi (Xidan Branch, Beijing) (Nostalgia Hotel (Beijing Xidan)), L'hotel è situato nella Quarta Strada Ovest di Xicheng Distretto, vicino alla Metro Line 4 e linea 6. È circondato da punti panoramici, tra cui Beihai Park, la Città Proibita, Houhai, la residenza del principe Gong, Nanluoguxiang, Wangfujing strada pedonale, ecc. di fronte all'hotel è il Ministero della terra e delle risorse, a circa due chilometri dal famoso centro commerciale Xidan e Financial Street, portando convenienza agli ospiti d'affari.
Intorno all'hotel sono tutti i tipi di famosi tre ospedali: Beijing Children's Hospital, Jishuitan Hospital, Fuwai cardiovascolare ospedale.È anche un paradiso per i 'foodies': proprio di fronte all'hotel c'è il famoso 'Huatian Yanji freddi noodles', 'Huifeng raviling building' e 'casseruola'; se non siete soddisfatti di questi, tutti i tipi di snack in huguosi street e Wangfujing Street sicuramente soddisferà tutta la vostra fantasia di cibo.
L'hotel è progettato e decorato nello stile di Gramophone hall, vecchio olmo mobilio, telefono con linea, lampada da tavolo retrò, tazza di tè smaltato e diversi murales dipinti a mano nella stanza. Gli elementi di Nostalgia permeano il concetto di design dell'hotel in forma creativa.
Sul seminterrato dell'hotel, c'è anche un tavolo e un bar per il resto e l'intrattenimento, e un nostalgico bar per conferenze, dove si può godere di un soggiorno confortevole e confortevole.
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Recensioni Ancora
  • joy Fang
    The location was excellent, room very good ... nice
  • e05103346
    Hotel facilities very good and staff was very helpful, from the hotel to the various tourist attractions, transportation is very convenient, to come to Beijing stay in your hotel.
  • issa1987
    Family room living space. hotel's services did not have to say, whether it is is to clean the person at the front desk, were very good. traffic is also very convenient, subway, bus, then slip at the front desk, transportation to the main tourist attractions of the callout ... only downside is the bathroom is so big, look as soon as possible
  • xiaomimi99
    Hotel is very good, room is a bit small, but the service really did not have to say, because not used toilets are transparent, with the waiter said there is no shower curtain, result to a boys bathroom with shower curtain on the entire package, too sweet! next time will go to
    Very nice and clean.
  • apm40
    Good very good
  • li5721
    The hotel is very clean, service was good, bathroom has its special characteristics. breakfast in General.
    Nice, vintage-style, like the Ac calcium milk
  • nice trip
    Is the style I like, to live in the future time walk
  • scn456
    Very close to the city center, very convenient!
  • AnyPam
    Waiter really super warm hotel facilities were very good really is comfortable to have a chance to go to Beijing or the business
  • yangyue66
    Convenient evening quiet
  • ollie
    Vintage style, with attractive gadgets. newly opened bedding are clean. overall health is better, is the bathroom the toilet against smelly. Family room, small room, others okay. to Beijing will choose in the future.
  • flj229
    It's not bad
  • liyonf603565
    Like hotel!
  • cain8869
    Rooms are small, convenient. overall satisfaction.
  • Angel7676
    Several hotels in Beijing, this was good, bathroom vanity mirror use lights would be nice!
    Room was small, sanitation can also, the traffic is very convenient, close to Metro, cost is fairly high
  • e00007356
    Phone? needs to be improved, and service!
  • ybb_71
    Nice hotel, very convenient
  • aiacc
    Very clean, live very comfortable, very close to the Metro bus, convenient. out the bus stop to the left there's a Huifeng hotel, breakfast was good, recommended.?
  • Acadia
    Hotel from Beijing station sat Line 2 line pour Line 4 line on to has, West four station b mouth, service attitude and equipped with supplies are is satisfaction, ad calcium milk, mineral water, wash supplies are is Rod, family room bright, is air conditioning voice too big, day 24 hours are ring of is, shut window sleep and too stuffy has, because space small is live a home people, night hot. in addition are is good.
  • e01706878
    Retro, very good
  • Jerryliu22
    First of all good health environment of the hotel room toiletries are in Pantene, shufu good stuff, location is also very convenient, close to Metro, travel facilities, and 24-hour convenience store next to, only one is not satisfied with the water does not heat, telephoned to say will increase the heat, but it is not hot, hope could be improved.
  • dpxiaodaiyu
    Hotel is near the Metro bus stops, convenience. style like the hotel, rooms are characteristic, but rooms are a little small, but does not affect, feel at home.
  • dorisun
    The location of the hotel is very good, from the forbidden city, Beihai Park, Tiananmen Square very close to 15 minutes can be reached on foot, dining, take the subway, bus, disadvantage; room is relatively small, generally recommended.
  • ew121
    Small room feel.
  • llwawa
    Good location, qingfeng buns and huguosi snacks are not far away, can go to Xidan shopping district, Metro is also very convenient to the door station. of choice for business trips.
  • e00598662
    Nice nostalgic feeling good
  • yefun
    Very high
  • e00319410
    Is very good, near Metro very convenient
  • binary
    In the subway, convenient
  • sunnie1112
    Hotel location good, away from Metro station walk ten minutes around, around snacks Hotel many, breakfast can near solution. Hotel layout for nostalgia style. said said insufficient, to shop coincided with elevator fault, front desk brother active help will luggage mention Shang 3 floor, room within no clothing kitchen, more has inconvenience, night at 10 o'clock until second days morning no hot, asked front desk, told hot fault water. to mention about of is, front desk service personnel very dedicated, proposed check out Hou, upstairs help mention luggageDownstairs, repeatedly apologized, praised one. hope the elevator, hot water just fortuitous.
  • reallujun
    Love Hotel map is especially convenient in Beijing, and the hotel location is very good, from Xidan nanluoguxiang Tiananmen Square are Metro bus or bus rush hour more convenient no change
  • e01633784
    Service is good, the room was very clean
  • bossaciti
    First to said of is for to Beijing tourism, this hotel of location is is good of, distance Metro Line 4 line West four station very near, walk 5-6 minutes around. Line 4 line directly to Beijing South Station, 6 Station Road. hotel around of snacks many, is convenient. out hotel right hand side of alley in has a Chongqing facet taste is good. Beijing snacks is eat used. hotel of decoration style compared nostalgia, somewhat features, children also is like. room not too ideal, space small, hasPoints black of, not bright. standard between of bed only 1 meters wide, with children sleep compared squeeze, recommends family room to better. bathroom of rushed got not too good, shower head always card not off down, need kept manual. Toilet water not Chang, not jam is rushed not off. standard between of this price 442, relative Yu Shanghai, Guangzhou, big city price poor has some, but season Beijing of prices are is high, also didn't approach. second wants to said about this hotel of soft service very good,Each service personnel were greeted with a smile and very warm, staying at the Arctic soda are also giving away a very good, room are comic-book and white rabbit creamy candy gifts, heart, deserves praise! if tourists don't care about hardware, you can recommend, and stayed there for 3 nights, overall was good.
  • eunicewpw
    I feel very satisfied with, except a little bit outside of your health environment transportation is very convenient, easy to go anywhere, the room design is reasonable, I feel very good, very warm, next time you have a chance to live here, customers can consider a discount or something?
  • myisia
    Convenient, clean, good service, and is surrounded by great restaurants, is 3 persons rooms slightly cramped
  • bettyyywang
    Good location out of convenient complimentary umbrellas returned quite new
  • Aglaia
    Room was a bit small, service OK, near subway.
  • e00026031
    Really very good
  • peter·james
    Environment is comfortable and clean, ideal for couples traveling
  • e00177258
    Because I like, so one more night!
  • lin02
    Good location easily accessed, to Beijing planned to again live in this House, is recommended.
  • Carlby
    Overall good, short-term accommodation for about, accommodations will hesitate for a long time, because there is no room service, with a built-in refrigerator and wardrobe, and summarizes the price is very good, safety
  • Edward4563
    Parking behind the hotel again! don't directly into the front of the parking lot!, 2.5, facilities worth recommending! room was clean, large Windows and bright! very good yo! next time! enjoy two days later and then additional facilities to comment!
  • lisasun119
    Just began to of when service also is good of however later because wants to for has window of room so temporarily only pay has day of room had has two days didn't for room customer service call let I pay room that I on said night back pay Ah night pay finished back room results found daily sent two bottle water today was didn't sent first days to hanger is ink half hotel service to be improve mood is upset of
  • langang166
    Room size, there is a double bed and a single bed. children are very fit!
  • g19999
    Good service, nice and convenient.
  • yelan
    It is quite intimate, not to call hotel to confirm whether Beijing was staying, when reached, also advised how to come more convenient from the airport! Hardware, toilet is quite heavy, open exhaust fan does not work! Software wireless network on the phone line, the computer was not so good! Nice hotel, next to the capital city will still stay here!