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Nostalgia Hotel (Beijing Xidan) is located in Xisi North Street, Xicheng District, close to Metro Lines 4 and 6.The hotel is surrounded by scenic spots, including: Beihai Park, the Forbidden City, Houhai, Gongwangfu, Nanluoguxiang, Wangfujing Pedestrian Street and so on; in front of the hotel is the Ministry of Land and Resources, which is about 2 kilometers away from the famous Xidan Commercial Center and Financial Street, bringing convenience for business guests.

The hotel is surrounded by various well-known tertiary hospitals: Beijing Children's Hospital, Jishuitan Hospital, Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital. It is also a paradise for "food eaters": directly opposite the hotel are the famous "Huatian Yanji Cold Noodles", "Huifeng Dumpling House", and "Casserole House"; if you are not satisfied, Huguo Temple Snack Street A variety of snacks on Wangfujing Street will surely satisfy all your imaginations of food.

The hotel's style is designed and renovated, from the gramophone in the lobby to the old elm furniture in the room, the dial phone, the retro table lamp, the enamel tea cup, and the completely different hand-painted murals in the room. Nostalgic elements permeate the creative form. Hotel design concept.

There is a board game bar on the ground floor of the hotel where you can relax and entertain, and a nostalgic cafe for conferences and meetings. Here you can enjoy a comfortable and comfortable stay.
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  • jingjing121
    Room very cozy, are returning to the comic book on the bedside table, dial telephone, two white rabbit creamy candy. convenient metro, very good!
  • cjt2011
    Position in Baishi meters North West metro station is convenient to many places to eat around service very friendly ended up sending small gifts as a child very happy
    Probably because new hotels, the price is not very high, very good location, very close to the many attractions, breakfast very good, responsive.
  • cyy_r
    Not bad, a little nostalgia, meticulous
  • e00218941
    Not bad. overall satisfaction! remember the bed while JI GA GA and an alarm, which is bad ... Nice.
  • colabear
    Room building is small, clean, but the outside environment General
  • starina
    Very good
  • g19999
    Good service, nice and convenient.
  • j212121
    Hotel location was excellent, the charges are reasonable. including the toiletries were very good. not satisfied with only toilet was wholly transparent, don't even have curtains, this is quite awkward.
  • dengsu815
    Hotel Nice location
  • adamapple
    Very good, the boss's attitude is very good, next time
  • Agnes19
    Is an old House Hotel, simple but tasty, all have the age of something. the bed was very comfortable, room was big, but very good.
  • cattielover
    Hardware and software are good, live very comfortable.
  • dorisun
    The location of the hotel is very good, from the forbidden city, Beihai Park, Tiananmen Square very close to 15 minutes can be reached on foot, dining, take the subway, bus, disadvantage; room is relatively small, generally recommended.
  • e01350736
    Very good hotel, small but very nice, quiet and relaxation. Hope to have a night light.
  • MOON1979
    Environments, such as expected, the room was small, but it feels good. good bathroom toiletries. good services. transportation is convenient, cost-effective overall well. no breakfast is provided.
  • Alawn65
    Hotel clean, convenient railway station on the edge.
  • Aglaia
    Room was a bit small, service OK, near subway.
  • mini1224
    Well, how do you get cash back?
  • ybb_71
    Nice hotel, very convenient
  • lindacl2008
    Every time I come to Beijing would get here, cost-effective. hardware and software are good
  • anyni
    Great location
  • few0155
    Bathroom is too large to cause the room space is very small, irrational. others can also ... expensive.
  • e02643568
    Rooms are small ... more nostalgia
  • liyonf603565
    Like hotel!
  • ada791021
    Nice very hotel, enjoy!
  • fancy99
    Very unique hotel is the first night there is no hot water, but the service is very good, very seriously and help us solve the problem, have to say is very comfortable and sleep wake up tired
  • dccuiyuanfu
    Not bad, worthy
  • lin02
    Good location easily accessed, to Beijing planned to again live in this House, is recommended.
  • pavel405
    Service was very good, location was good, convenient to the attractions, health is OK, is the window is too small, the room was stuffy, open air beds too close and cold ... ...
  • e00598662
    Nice nostalgic feeling good
  • e05103346
    Hotel facilities very good and staff was very helpful, from the hotel to the various tourist attractions, transportation is very convenient, to come to Beijing stay in your hotel.
  • tony0500
    Nearby, each living here
  • annabell627
    Good diet good convenient for transportation.
  • angerjia
    Second stay at this hotel, all are reminiscent of a really a riot, books, tea mugs, phone, even the table lamps are also ... loved it!
  • wangnuonuo
    Environmental health is very good, good service attitude, health the most important style I like?
  • danie777
    Good, convenient, clean, satisfaction
  • sun407
    Soda delivered very good
  • scn456
    Very close to the city center, very convenient!
  • WinLife
    Big bed room, inside the space is relatively small, no wardrobe, no place to hang clothes. room has no Windows, hot
  • funini
    Not to take. originally scheduled for two days, children are sick leave in advance. squadron leader a very enthusiastic to help check out. the place is hard to find, turn right out of the subway 500 meters into the
  • rassin
    Hotel lobby, room of decoration is has style, does is nostalgia, away from Metro station is near, walk also on two or three minutes. hotel service personnel attitude is good, a see on know is after training of, is good. only of shortcomings is air conditioning of voice too big has, first late live of room air conditioning bad has, voice with cut grass machine like, Manager is enthusiasm also is is responsible for of solution has problem. but second days for has a room Hou air conditioning of voice also not small, and looks is old, since the aspectsWell, why air conditioning in this very important savings on costs?
  • laile123
    Air conditioning blows with his head, sleep well
  • e05005423
    Service attitude is good, feeling very warm, different festivals, various surprises
  • best_nail
    Friends booking, was well received, very good location
  • bossaciti
    First to said of is for to Beijing tourism, this hotel of location is is good of, distance Metro Line 4 line West four station very near, walk 5-6 minutes around. Line 4 line directly to Beijing South Station, 6 Station Road. hotel around of snacks many, is convenient. out hotel right hand side of alley in has a Chongqing facet taste is good. Beijing snacks is eat used. hotel of decoration style compared nostalgia, somewhat features, children also is like. room not too ideal, space small, hasPoints black of, not bright. standard between of bed only 1 meters wide, with children sleep compared squeeze, recommends family room to better. bathroom of rushed got not too good, shower head always card not off down, need kept manual. Toilet water not Chang, not jam is rushed not off. standard between of this price 442, relative Yu Shanghai, Guangzhou, big city price poor has some, but season Beijing of prices are is high, also didn't approach. second wants to said about this hotel of soft service very good,Each service personnel were greeted with a smile and very warm, staying at the Arctic soda are also giving away a very good, room are comic-book and white rabbit creamy candy gifts, heart, deserves praise! if tourists don't care about hardware, you can recommend, and stayed there for 3 nights, overall was good.
  • e01447752
    New stores, like seven days before Hotel new renovated rooms are small but very warm and the traffic is convenient, feature topics for couples after 80, good service very friendly
  • lj8122
    Centuries before the sky change, room is quite old, the décor is simple, especially the washbasin, and shower areas, particularly small, does not know whether the family room because, the space is cramped, next time try other room type
    Nice hotels are hard to find, good service, booking family rooms, suitable for family travel, if selected, will be admitted.
  • mmx115
    Interesting hotel, service very good.